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"Just as you can save 100% of your labor costs by firing everyone, you can also save 100% of your telecom costs by disconnecting everything. Fortunately for our clients, we have a better approach.

Steve Bergman,

From our perspective, telecom cost reduction is not just about lowering costs.  Satisfying your telecommunications requirements is one thing; spending more than necessary is another. Similar, but diferent, is making sure you're getting the most out of your contractual agreements while not being overcharged for what you're getting.  Then again, what alternatives do you have? Can you reduce costs without disrupting operations or breaking agreements? Or are some agreements in place so onerous that it makes sense to cancel them. pay a penalty, and move on — assuming realistic choices exist?

Similarly, are you controlling telecom abuse properly? Most businesses don't know have a clue how much telecom abuse is costing them (Hint: most of it never shows up on any bill).  Are you allocating or charging back telecom expenses cost-effectively? What steps have you taken steps to minimize telecom fraud and to prevent your systems from being hijacked?

Telecommunications cost control should always be part of an overall telecom management program, but it should never be the entire program.  A company may be overpaying for some services, but compromising operations through underinvestment elsewhere. A company saving money on one hand and hurting itself on the other really isn't doing itself a favor. Don't you agree?

And even when Teleconvergence is not specifically retained to evaluate a client's existing cost structure, we frequently do so anyway, first to understand the dimensions of a client's costs and obligations, and secondly, because any unanticipated savings are obviously desirable. Managing costs and risk is standard business operating procedure for us . After  all, we're management consultants who use technology to both strategically and financially satisfy our clients' business objectives. Would you really have it any other way?

Feel free to read further in this section for more details.  And as always, call us at 503.750.2144 when you've read enough and are ready to move forward.