The Teleconvergence FAQ

1. What is Teleconvergence?

2. How do you suggest we use the site?

3. Does Teleconvergence sell any equipment? Are you an agent? An Internet or VoIP provider?

4. What are examples of your services and why do companies use them?

5. What types of consulting work do you do?

6. How much does it cost to speak with you?

7. What is it like having Teleconvergence as a consultant?

8. Once we speak, do you send us a proposal?

9. If we decide to use your services, how do you charge?

Note: If you're not local to us and have an concerns about retaining a consultant who's not local to you, please read the Working With an Out-Of-Town Consultant FAQ. It treats the subject openly, directly, and fairly. Just as you'd expect.