The Teleconvergence Approach

The Teleconvergence Approach (Not Just solutions – Results!) is both our perspective and an introduction to our methodology. It differentiates Teleconvergence from other consulting firms, even other independent consulting firms.  We expect you to select your professional advisors carefully. This article will help you decide whether to include us among them. See the sitemap to your left for additional section contents.

Not Just Solutions — Results!

Many executives mistakenly try to solve their problems rather than focus on what they are trying to achieve. Problems are symptoms, so solving one only temporarily gets you out of a hole without ensuring you won't fall into another, causing you to redo solutions you've already implemented. Most executives can't afford to play technology Whac-A-Mole.  Can you?

Since solving problems means revisiting the same issues, all you're really doing is turning over stones.  Achieving results, on the other hand, lets you kick them further down the road.  Only results allow management to  achieve targeted ROI, meet the needs of business units, and satisfy strategic objectives. That's the difference between solutions and results: Good technicians solve problems; good management achieves results.


All too often, executives get hung up on telecom technology.  (Pun intended.)

Telecom is about technology, of course, but technology is really not what's important.  If all you want to do is deploy telecom, then all you need is someone who's technically competent to do it for you. A VAR salesperson or IT employee, for example.  Just remember that decisions based upon any technology ultimately become wedded to that technology.  If technology is a tool, why focus on a tool rather than on that which the tool should be used to achieve?  In other words, technology is a means, nothing more. Focusing on it only serves to put the goal out of focus.

On the other hand, if you want to use telecom and technology to achieve your strategic objectives, then you require someone — in this case, a consultant — with an entirely different skillset. You need someone with a management perspective who understands marketing and supply chain issues, finance, operations, and strategic planning.  That someone also has to understand technology, too, of course, but it must be someone who uses it to inform his or her other areas of expertise, not control them.

That's us.  And that's your choice.  We're at (503) 750-2144.  It's your call.


Where Next?

For more on our Approaches in the context of telephone system or software evaluation, see The Teleconvergence Approach To System Selection. Or you can learn how our parallel method of business analysis, Procedural Strip Mining (PSM), reduces costs, improves employee productivity and job satisfaction, and occasionally even eliminates the need for a new system entirely.  Descriptions and links to all of these are available by visiting our Methodologies section.

Please remember, this entire section on our Approach is about how we do what we do.  For what we do, as it applies to system consulting and operations, please refer to the section Communications Consulting.

For our management-related services, which range from consulting to telecom providers to providing marketing and retainer services, please see our Strategic Consulting Services.

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