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The Teleconvergence Approach (Not Just solutions – Results!)

The Teleconvergence Approach To System Selection

Procedural Strip Mining (PSM) — Our Approach To Business Analysis

Conflection Point Planning]

Methodologies: Our Approaches

As you may have already inferred, the Telecom Consulting Services and Management Consulting Services sections describe what we do; this section describes how we do it.

Our methods are called Strategic Options because they reflect our management (not technical) consulting orientation. They always begin with an understanding of the client's needs, objectives, systems, operations, employee assets, marketing, distribution, and anything else that makes the client unique.  Where the options differ is in their orientation.

The first article, The Teleconvergence Approach, emphasizes our focus on results as opposed to mere problem-solving.  The remaining articles discuss our methodologies, also called Approaches,  in several specific areas.

Our Approaches are shown to the right. You may click on them and read a summary of their contents without ever leaving this page, although they also contain one or more links to the selected section.  As always, you can also look at the sitemap to the left to see where you are and to help you decide what to read.

We suggest you sample from this section by starting with The Teleconvergence Approach, followed by the content of the Approach in which you're most interested, such as The Teleconvergence Approach to System SelectionProcedural Strip Mining is our approach to system analysis, and it dovetails neatly with our telecom consulting activities. Conflection Point Planning  is strategic in nature and is part of our Strategic Consulting Services.

Note: The Teleconvergence approach to Systems Selection is certainly not limited to telecom systems. That's what we do most, but we've also evaluated and recommended brokerage quotation systems and office automation systems, record management systems, CRM and supply chain software, EMR and PMS systems in the health area, even coffee and toilet paper delivery systems.  As we say elsewhere, not only is a system  - any system -- just a system, but it also doesn't know who's using it or what it's being used for.  From our perspective, that gives us a very large blank slate to prescribe actionable solutions that bring the results our clients retain us to help them achieve.

After you've gone through our Approaches, you might want look over our specific services in the area of your interest. In the example just given, for instance, you'd want to go over to Telecom Consulting Services, read the overview, and then begin with Changing Systems? Relocating?

And before you finish, you should also learn something About Teleconvergence, perhaps even including our FAQ.

And, finally, if you're still undecided after all that, you might want to finish with The Last Step: Deciding if Teleconvergence is Right for You [A Typical Tough Love Discussion].

At any point, when you've read enough to make you want to share your situation with us to see how we can be of help, our phone number is at he bottom of every page.  There's no rush.  It's your decision.  And it's your call.