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"Luckily, we were referred to Teleconvergence as an unbiased consultant. Steve [Bergman] was able to quickly line up extremely competitive long-distance service and worked with us to analyze our phone system needs. We found the best way to get started was to rent an inexpensive used telephone system combined with an outside provider that gave us the voice mail and transferring capabilities we needed.

Steve has proven to be both highly knowledgeable and in touch with a wide variety of service providers. Whenever we get pitched by someone now, we just refer them to Teleconvergence with the statement". If Steve thinks it is worth our considering, THEN we can talk.

Paul Needham,
Media Architects, Inc.

Telecom Systems, Cost Reduction,

and Risk Management

Although Teleconvergence opened in 1986, the founder, Steve Bergman, has been advising businesses regarding telecommunications and other systems since he started his first consulting firm (at a very, very young age, he says) in the 1970's in New York City.

One of the many things we've seen over the years is that it's very easy to get impressed or even intimidated by modern telecom technology, such as VoIP and IP-Pabx.  Just realize that most technology changes are vendor-driven rather than a result of user demand.

Our Telecommunications and Systems Consulting services help clients satisfy traditional telecommunications needs such as telephone system and unified messaging selection; contract negotiation; telecom cost reduction; migration to Voice over IP (VoIP ); multilingual voice mail or call center integration, etc.

Most of our work consists of projects revolving around system change and relocation, and the most content in this section. all under the heading Changing Systems? Relocating?, reflects that. You can learn about the section content — in this case, about telecom change — without having to leave this page by clicking on the green bullets to the right. Alternatively, the page in red on the sitemap to your left will always show you where you are, while the rest of the list identifies other content in the section and elsewhere.     

Unlike many technical consulting firms, Teleconvergence’s competence is equally rooted in management consulting and business operations. The most significant differences among telecommunications alternatives are not specifications or features, but instead how they enable a client to satisfy his or her business and strategic objectives.