Telecom Risk Management

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Telecom Business Continuity and Disaster Planning

Turning a Business Contingency Plan into a Business Opportunity

Tenant Services Help Pay the Rent

Managing Risks and Opportunities

Prudent managers want to minimize exposure to potential risk as much as they want to maximize savings and opportunities. Telecommunications Risk Management deals with minimizing, controlling, and preventing potential costs.

Risk Management is included among our basic telecommunications consulting services because it applies telecommunications and related technologies to general business operations to satisfy business needs.

In general, Teleconvergence helps our clients reduce risk by

  • Making recommendations that will last for years without major change and without becoming obsolete -- except by design.
  • Helping clients prepare for the unexpected by introducing redundancy and additional system robustness to help ensure business continuity.
  • Helping clients plan for both foreseeable and unforeseeable events.
  • Helping clients negotiate agreements that allow for maximum flexibility and competitive services.
  • Ensuring that wherever possible every contingency and option has a Plan B lurking somewhere.

We also try to balance those risks by finding opportunities to expand capabilities and even create revenue.

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