Telecom Consulting Services Checklist

The following is a partial checklist of our most common traditional telecommunications services.

Most situations involve several applications and may involve multiple systems, vendors, locations, etc. They may also involve non-telecommunications integration issues that are nevertheless related, such as CRM and Outlook or ERP integration, etc. The need for business and/or process analysis is equally common.  This list is not complete, of course, but merely indicates the range of our experience and competencies.

Telephony Applications

  • Telephone system evaluation & recommendation
  • IP-PBX and VoIP applications
  • Standard and multilingual unified messaging
  • Voice mail and auto-attendant systems
  • Computer/Telephone Integration

Network Applications

  • Wide area (WAN) and private network design, both traditional and VoIP
  • Long distance analysis and cost reduction
  • Voice/data/fax network design and evaluation
  • Wireless, mobile, and cellular integration

Internet Projects

  • Evaluate required Internet bandwidth
  • Integrate Internet and telephone/fax services
  • Optimizing Internet presence for telecommunications access
  • Adapting existing technologies and/or company intellectual assets to e-commerce

Specialized Voice Processing Applications

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Multilingual voice mail/voice response applications
  • Voice synthesis
  • Voice recognition
  • Adding voice annotation to e-mail and/or fax processing

Call Center and Telemarketing Applications

  • Call center design and development
  • Call center system selection
  • Call center traffic optimization and telecom cost reduction
  • Call tracing and monitoring assistance
  • Sales production and productivity tracking, including CRM integration

Fax Applications and Integration

  • Fax over VoIP
  • Fax and Unified Communications
  • Fax Mail
  • Fax on Demand
  • Fax Broadcasting
  • Integrated voice mail/fax mail
  • Integrated fax mail/e-mail/voice mail