Tenant Services Help Pay the Rent

Many companies sublet their rental space to others or they rent out unoccupied space in buildings they own.  Given the right circumstances – or rather, in this case, creating the right circumstances --  adding telephone service, ranging from telephone lines to full system capabilities, in addition to bare space, can make excellent financial and strategic sense for everyone concerned. The owner receives incremental income while the tenant or sub-lessee pays less with fewer obligations while getting more than he or she could hope to obtain otherwise.

Win-wins are indeed possible, but only if designed properly from the start.  Moreover, newer technologies enable farsighted telecom entrepreneurs to extend their coverage area past the building to the local area and beyond.

The same capabilities can also be extended up and down the supply chain and elsewhere, enabling virtual enterprises if desired, both traditional and VoIP-based, and financially justifying the addition of such otherwise cost-prohibitive applications as direct inward calling to individuals, unified messaging, call centers, automated call screening, and multilingual voice mail.

These capabilities not only provide excellent ROI, but create a long-term secondary income stream as well.

Please note that these are existing business services being extended to other businesses. For extending the reach of the business to residential services, please see the section on VoIP Business Opportunities.

If the concepts of potentially building out your organization’s telecom capability to turn it from a cost center into a profit center is of interest to you, be sure to also read the companion piece, Turning a Business Contingency Plan into a Business Opportunity. Part of the responsibility of offering such telecom services is striving to ensure that they continue to function during adverse conditions, or worse. And a good part of the validation of your business proposition is that you’ve added value by incorporating contingency planning without charging an unreasonable premium for it.

If this way of looking at the technology as a business opportunity appeals to you, please include it in your agenda when you contact us.