Procedural Strip Mining (PSM)

PSM Section Contents

The Procedural Mining FAQ

Procedural Strip Mining and Business Analysis

PSM Results and Benefits

The PSM Process

Why Workarounds Happen

Introduction to PSM

PSM is our benign approach to process improvement. It is at the very bottom of the business analysis hierarchy. It does not pretend to re-create the universe nor re-structure the planet, or even to finely floss an organization or a division thereof.

Instead, PSM is, quite frankly, a way to grab low-hanging fruit, to identify miscellaneous tasks that are ripe for technological change or unnecessary functions which can and should be deftly deleted from daily routines and quietly buried, unlamented. Most organizations realize that inefficiencies exist, but they are not willing to radically turn themselves inside out when they suspect that a little spring cleaning will accomplish most of what's needed without seriously disrupting daily routines.

The PSM process uncovers and analyzes existing processes and procedures within the client's environment that, unknown to the client, reflect either (a) workarounds or (b) existing undocumented requirements that are being met outside published work descriptions. PSM can result in increased productivity, reduced operating costs, and increased employee satisfaction.

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