Teleconvergence Approach Results List

§ Create systems and solutions that satisfy immediate needs while building for the future

§ Reduce operating costs, minimize contractual obligations, develop contingency planning

§ Incorporate demographic and multilingual factors into our recommendations

§ Leverage technology to ease client operations into multilingual environments in anticipation of future staff buildup

§ Use Conflection Point Planning to create unique value and business propositions, drive product and channel development, and generate revenue

§ Generating Telecom operating revenue for non-telecom companies

§ System recommendations that last for years without requiring major change

§ Using technology to ease into multicultural environments

§ Overcome communications obstacles of culture, language, time, and distance

§ Increase productivity among employees in order processing, sales, customer support, and in call centers

§ Recast infrastructure into a technology platform sufficiently robust to plan a company's future on it

§ Prepare for foreseeable and unforeseeable emergencies ("What do we do if we have a Columbine?")

"<p>If one does not know where one is going, then the direction of the wind makes no difference