Procedural Strip Mining (PSM) FAQ

1. Briefly, what is PSM?

2. Why do companies change systems?

3. Does management or IT make these system decisions on its own?

4. Why Can't management or IT or IT Consultants Ensure The Problem With the System is Fixed?

5. Why does management allow workarounds to happen?

6. Can you be more specific? Why don't newer systems solve the problems the older ones couldn't?

7. That’s a good theory. But can you provide an example?

8. And you’re saying that’s really the reason new systems don’t work out? Because of Workarounds? That’s the answer?

9. Why does Teleconvergence do PSM at all?

10. How does PSM fit in with your other work? Is it very expensive or extensive? Doesn’t it take a lot of time and disrupt employees’ activities?