How To Select a Consultant

There are three main questions you should ask a consultant and each of the three main parts of this site is designed to answer one of them.  Here are the questions:

  1. Do you [Teleconvergence] do what I need to be done?
  2. How do you go about it?
  3. How do I know if I'll like working with you? 

If you can't ultimately answer "Yes" to all three questions, completely and without hesitation, then move on to someone else.  Now, for the three answers:

  1. Does Teleconvergence do what I need done?  You should know what we do.  If we're not competent to do what you need, why read further? The work we do is covered in two sections.  Communications Consulting includes all telecom projects such as system change and cost reduction. Strategic Consulting Services are oriented more to upper management as opposed to daily operations,and are not exclusively concerned with telecommunications . Strategic Consulting Services include part-time communications management, services we offer entrepreneurs in startups and companies who want to enter or expand within the telecom industry, or services providing need strategic help in  moving past the recession, which is where our Full Cycle Business Development  and Conflection Point Planning come in.
  2. Do I like how you go about it?  If you don't agree with our methods, why should you trust our results? We call our Methodologies Approaches, how we go about what we do.  The Teleconvergence Approach (Not Just Solutions — Results) is our basic perspective. Those interested in telecom-related projects should read The Teleconvergence Approach to System Selection, and so on. Our Approach that focuses on a point in the future and creates a sustainable competitive position from that point onward is called Conflection Point Planning.
  3. Do I think I'll like working with you?  You wouldn't hire a stranger. You shouldn't retain one, either.  You're can find out all you need to know in the section About Us.  We suggest you begin with the article on that page, then either read the Teleconvergence FAQ  (This article is essentially Question 2 of the FAQ) or learn something about Steve Bergman, our founder. In the same section, there's more information, a partial client list, our approach to fees, and so on. You can see the parts to the section by looking at the site map to your left.
  • Finally, be sure to go through all three areas, or at least through the parts that are relevant to your needs.  At some point, you should get a sense of whether and how we can help you and a good idea as to whether you'd like us to.  If the answer is yes, or even just tentatively yes, then simply contact us (our number is at the bottom of every page) and we can make the determination together. However, if at that point you're still undecided, we suggest you read the last item on the sitemap to your left, The Last Step: Deciding If Teleconvergence is Right for you. It's a summary, but very straightforward. Just like us. If you like that, then you might just like us, too.