Telecom Cost Reduction Services

Teleconvergence reduces our clients'  telecom costs in many ways.  Here are some of them.

  • We perform traffic engineering and evaluation to determine real bandwidth and trunking requirements
    • This identifies underused or unnecessary facilities, as well as overextended ones.
  • We outline financial opportunities to save money.
  • We identifiy circuits or services for which a client is contractually obligated but underutilizes (as determined by CDR traffic analysis) and which can be:
    • Downsized or otherwise cost-reduced in exchange for modification of other contractual obligations which have no negative effect on the client
    • Modified or reused to provide redundancy or backup for critical facilities or services in event of unexpected demand or emergency contingencies
    • Renegotiated to obtain additional needed circuits or to initiate bundled services that meet new or anticipated demands at little or no additional cost, or that provide additional cost savings over existing technologies or methodologies
  • We identify circuits or services that should logically exist but for which billing is ambiguous or which may be mis-billed and/or overpaid elsewhere
  • We create statements of contractual opportunities (ambiguities and discrepancies, wiggle room, possible consolidation tradeoffs)
  • We determines billing irregularities, or if suppliers are billing contrary to contractual terms or tariffs.
  • We evaluates contractual obligations to reduce costs where possible, increase coverage when necessary, and renegotiate on favorable terms as soon as we can.  Examples of such contractual obligations are:
    • Long distance and International Calling agreements
    • Cellular Agreements and Usage
    • Data Networks and Internet Bandwidth
    • ISP and Managed Service Agreements
    • Equipment Leases
    • Maintenance Agreements and Time & Material Agreements
  • While doing much ofthge above, we also accumulate many of the details that will be required to issue an RFP (Request for Proposal) or RFB (Request for Bid) for new or replacement services
  • We may ultimately ask such questions as:
    • Why does so much capacity or capacity exist in this area, when demand or usage doesn't seem to justify it?
    • If this area is so important, and you've concentrated services under one supplier/circuit, etc., to save money, what plans exist to back up this circuit/service if it goes down? In other words, what's your Plan B?

Again, we'd like to stress that we don't perform these activities in isolation, but only in the context of broader client management objectives, initiatives, and requirements.  In other words, we act as the consultants you'd like to have on your staff for such purposes, even if only for a limited time.  But because we're management consultants first, we see things through your eyes, not the eyes of an employee.  And isn't that the vision you really need? 

For more on our insights into reducing costs and increasing productivity, call us at 505.750.2144.

"What struck me was your approach. You looked at my [long distance] bills and outlined my alternatives, but you didn't promise anything. You asked about what sort of alternatives I would be comfortable with, and explained what my phone system could and couldn't do to manage calls. You estimated my possible savings and my time investment necessary to achieve the savings so I could see my ROI.

I am pleased with your service and the results. If you can satisfy a conservative CPA like me, I feel you can help almost anyone .

Howard L. Cornutt, VP and Treasurer,
Panel Products International Corporation