Key Benefits of Telecom Cost Reduction

Frankly, I never expected to save as much as you said we would. .. Thanks again for your help. I'd be glad to share our positive experience with any of your clients that may have any questions.

Patrick L. Delaney, Controller
Landry's Commercial Floor Coverings


Key Benefits

  • Short-term gains with lasting impact.
  • Turnaround results frequently within 30-60 days.
  • Potential for lower recurring costs, refunds, reduced billing complexity.
  • Multiple avenues to reduce costs. We don't just look at bills to try to save our clients money.
    • We also evaluate contracts to determine the difference between what a client is obligated to do and pay and what they are currently doing and paying.  We also highlight when clients are unnecessarily exceeding minimum obligations.
    • Similarly, where appropriate (or necessary), we will attempt to find ways to void or modify or offset existing agreements, especially for usage services, either by freeing up or redirecting existing usage or by identifying currently contractually unencumbered usage and either renegotiating it for less or else routing it via alternative means.
    • Many service contracts can be renegotiated at significant savings if one knows the alternatives. We do.