The Telecom Retainer FAQ

1. What Is The Telecom Retainer Service?

2. What are the telecom functions that in general can and shouldn't be outsourced, even on a retainer basis?

3. Which of those functions does Teleconvergence perform?

4. What exactly does Teleconvergence do?

5. Do you duplicate the work my clerical staff already does?

6. Is the Teleconvergence Retainer very expensive?

7 Is there a lot of paperwork to get started?

8. How do we know that outsourcing is the right strategy? How do we regain control if we think it's not working out?

9. How big is our committment?  How long do we have to commit?  What happens if it doesn't work out?

10. How do we know if we should begin by outsourcing our telecom function or just begin with a single project?