Services For Telecom Providers

Our telecom provider services fall into three general categories:

 VoIP Industry-Related Services

  • For entrepreneurs and startups wishing to enter the VoIP field
  • For VARS and other service providers wanting to add VOIP and possibly telecom in general to their service portfolios
  • For companies that are significant consumers of telecom services and would like to turn their situation into one that produces revenue as well
  • For call center operators and Internet café owners who similarly would like to offset their expenses by generating revenues
  • For persons who would like to leverage their affiliations with religious or ethnic organizations into mutually beneficial opportunities.
  • For persons who have connections with large population segments in other countries and would like to exploit those relationships
  • For companies who want to develop unique products or services and need help translating their ideas into practical VoIP-related opportunities

Telecom-Related Services

  • Business Development and Product Line Differentiation
  • Market, Channel, and Technology Assessment
  • Americanization and Documentation of Telecom Technology and Products
    • Includes full documentation (reference, programming, marketing, training, sales) and documentation planning

Strategic Telecom Services

Anyone trying to compete in today's market faces an immediate contradiction: interoperability means indistinguishability, and there are far too many players in the same space with the same products and services. This strong barrier to success is what the VoIP Business Opportunities section discusses openly and honestly in detail. Our Conflection Point Planning process makes success possible, but it won't be simple, fast, or easy. 

If you're not dissuaded, then please  turn to the VoIP Business Opportunities section without delay for the most realistic assessment of the situation you've ever read.