VoIP Business Opportunities

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VoIP Business Opportunities (This Page)

Competing With Vonage (and Other Death Wishes)

The Four Elements of VoIP Success

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.

Seneca the Younger (3 BC-65 AD)

VoIP Opportunities For Whom?

This section is for you if:

  • You are an entrepreneur wishing to enter or already participating in the VoIP marketplace
  • You are a manufacturer or service provider such as a VAR wishing to add VoIP (or any other form of telecom technology) to your existing products and services.
  • You are an existing telecom manufacturer or service provider that may need our assistance developing or enhancing VoIP (or other telecom-related products and services) to create unique selling propositions and achieve market differentiation. 
  • You are an overseas supplier (or American importer or private labeler) who wants to "Americanize" your products for the U.S. telecom market.
  • You have a telecom product or service and desire assistance in documentation, including a full documentation plan, general reference guides, programming and software manuals, customer or operator guides and manuals, or distributor and/or sales training manuals.


VoIP Business Opportunities

Today's entrepreneur correctly views VoIP [Voice over Internet Protocol] as a wonderful opportunity characterized by low entry cost, low barriers to competition, readily available hardware and software solutions, and millions upon millions of potential users all over the world.  So what's the problem?  

The problem is exactly the same as the opportunity.  VoIP's low entry cost, readily available hardware, software, and usage solutions, plus those same millions upon millions of potential users all over the world has already resulted in significant competition.

And if you want further negatives, how about declining costs that have forced lower prices and margins, a money-losing market leader on the residential side and a lack of product differentiation on the business side?

So don't read any further if you're looking for quick answers or fast solutions. That's what vendors promise. We know better and you should, too.  And if you don't , you'd better think twice about getting into the business. This is an easy business to spend your way into, but not an easy one to make money out of. Easy answers overlook the details of running the business, and the details are important. If they weren't, an unlimited number of entrepreneurs would get into the business, ensuring that none of them could make money at it.

So is VoIP then an outdated entrepreneurial opportunity? Not at all: incredible possibilities still exist. But it's not a guaranteed proposition or a no-brainer. It's like any other business.

To be successful, you need (1) good business sense; (2) business experience, and (3) a good business and marketing plan. We can help you with the second two.